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    Area chart with space

    Prajval T

      Hi Team,


      I have view like below are chart with 4 measures across time period.


      But if see below view, some much space is wasting next axis line both sides.


      is there any way to show data from next to axis line like mentioned in the below image (B)




      Image (B)




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          Hi Prajval T


          A quick way round this is to create the same view in two sheets. One has only the axis visible and the other everything but the y axis. Make sure any filters you have in one sheet are applied identically, and are linked to the other sheet. You can then display the two of them in a dashboard aligned as you would like them to be.


          There may be some formatting options available, but this depends on the data and layout you have applied.


          If you would like to upload a packaged workbook I can build what I mean in my suggestion.


          I hope this helps,



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            Ken Flerlage

            You can change the axis so that the start and end date are fixed to your specific start and end.

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              Joe Macari

              Hi Prajal,


              If your date field is discrete (blue) you cant edit the axis. Try turning the date pill to continuous (green) and then try and edit the axis and fix the start and the end.