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    Tableau API print to PDF/PNG for a Dashboard prints only the first sheet on the layout

    Siddharth Sinha

      Tableau Server Version: 10.5

      API: 2.8


      I have a Dashboard configured in a 2x2 layout. (4 Sheets). When I print to PDF using Tableau Desktop I am able to print all four sheets perfectly.


      However, when I print it using the APIs, it only prints the first sheet embedded in the Dashboard.


      I tried different combinations of orientation and page_type for the PDF API and resolution and size options for Image API(PNG) but wasn't able to get the desired result. (I was able to successfully play with orientation, etc)

      I also verified the page setup options for the Dashboard on the Server.


      Is there a way to achieve this using the API? (No tabcmd workarounds)