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    Dashboard published to Tableau public missing parts

    Jorge Brito

      Hello all,


      This is a bit odd to me as I've had this report published for almost a year now and never had a problem but today when I looked at this dashboard I noticed one of the parts was missing.


      In tableau desktop it shows perfectly and until last week it also showed perfectly in tableau public:



      And this is how it is now showing up in tableau public:



      There are no filters, there were no changes. it works perfectly in tableau desktop, but when published it doesnt display the timeline. The auto update is ON. I've tried to re-create the worksheet that contains the timeline, doesnt work. tried to rename the data source, doesnt work. tried to remove some pills and publish a simplified version of the timeline....doesnt work...I'm honestly lost here. Just when you thought you knew the world about tableau...


      this is how my worksheet is set up. If anyone can spot anything that might be wrong with it please let me know...but I cant for the life of me understand why it worked for a year and not doesnt anymore: