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    Create parameter that hides/displays 2 overlapping sheets with another filter(sheet) already in place

    Lyndsay White

      So I have 3 sheets....


      Sheet 1: Facility Names (entire top portion of dashboard). THIS ACTS AS THE FIRST FILTER FOR USERS. (I just did a dashboard action)

      (e.g. ABC Tattoo, The Happy Dentist, Hungry Customers etc.)


      Sheet 2: Initial Report (entire bottom portion of dashboard). Needs to overlap and replace sheet 3 when "INITIAL" is selected.

      (e.g. full address, type of facility, notes, contact info etc.)


      Sheet 3: Final Report (need this to also be entire bottom portion of dashboard). Needs to overlap and replace sheet 2 when "FINAL" is selected.

      (e.g. comments, any concerns etc.).


      So, what I need to do is create a parameter that will overlap Sheet 2 and Sheet 3 and display what I want when the user selects first the facility name and then second whether they want to view the initial or final report.


      I was able to find this: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/help.htm#dashboards_sheet_selector.html   which is great! BUT how do I do it while still incorporating Sheet 1.


      This is a rough picture of what it looks like (sorry had to block some of the text).


      I essentially want to add a piece below the facility names where the user selects either (Initial/Final) and then the sheet below changes to either display Initial Report or Final Report. Does anyone have any ideas? (my apologies for the picture but was trying to illustrate as best I could what I was hoping to accomplish).


      I should also mention, there will always be an entry for an initial report, but there may not always be a final report to display for a facility.