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    Action filters on single dimension

    Beatrix Balogh

      Hi all,


      Based on Googling and what other people have tried, I have a feeling there is an 85% chance the answer to this is "sorry can't do it", but figured I would ask just in case there is some cool workaround.


      I have one dashboard, in which there is a sheet that I'm using as an action filter. I want that action filter to be able to filter another sheet/dashboard, but only based on one dimension (not all dimensions).


      E.g. with references to the test action filters sample workbook I attached.

      1. Looking at my 'Category Dash', I decide I want to look at customers who bought 'Binders' (light orange colored bar). I click on that bar.
      2. I have a menu action filter set up called 'Filter1' so that when I hover over the 'Binders' bar, the link for that pops up and I can click on it to take me to 'Customer Dash'.
      3. On 'Customer Dash' I now see all of the customers that bought 'Binders', however this data is fully filtered to just their cost/quantity info for 'Binders'
      4. I want my users to be able to look at the full cost/quantity details for only those that bought 'Binders', thus I used 'Customer Unfiltered' sheet and set it as a tooltip on 'Customer Filtered', which is the sheet on 'Customer Dash'.


      Is it possible to take the 'Customer Unfiltered' sheet I used in the tooltip, and put that in a separate dashboard, and create an action filter that takes me from the original 'Cataegory Dash' to the new 'Customer Unfiltered' sheet/dash, but keeps the view the same as in the tooltip (e.g. filters on the 'Customers' who bought 'Binders', but shows their full data)?

      How is it I'm able to get that view on the tooltip in 'Customer Dash' for an individual person, but can't get it as a separate dashboard?


      I tried setting up target filters within my action filter, but that didn't seem to work - Tableau rightfully told me that I had dimensions missing from one dashboard to be able to connect it to the other (aka Customer Name isn't in the 'Category Dash').


      Thanks in advance!