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    Dashboard: A Pane That Was Responding To Action-Filters Is No Longer Responding To It?

    Edward Gorelik

      Hello, first time poster here and a beginner to Tableau. The link below is the dashboard i've created.


      Tableau Public


      When i made this dashboard last night, everything was responsive and working as intended. This morning i decided to take two google form outputs and input them into the same Google Sheet file Tableau was using (but not the actual sheets that the dashboard was pulling it's data from). Ever since doing so, the boxplot no longer responds to the filter that should occur when something is selected in the chart; changing it to show the boxplot for the team selected.


      I can not, for the life of me, figure it out. So far i've tried deleting and re-adding the filters inside the dashboard, applying filters individually to through the sheets, and re-making the boxplot sheet from scratch. Nothing is working.


      Would love some help on figuring out what is going on. This is on Tableau Public 10.5.3.