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    Calculated Field that References a Particular Dimension Value

    Jonathan Whiting

      I'm dealing with a pretty large dataset (~3.2 million rows), so I'd like to do some calculations in Tableau. I've read some pages about level of details (like this), but these seem to deal with aggregation of data rather than referencing values for specific dimensions. I'll lay out the problem, and hopefully a guru can point me in the right direction.


      The data looks something like this...

      Model (dimension)Site (dimension)Flow (measure)Calculated Field

      Model A

      Site A15001500/1500 = 1
      Model ASite B800800/1500 = 0.533
      Model ASite C200200/1500 = 0.133
      Model BSite A10001000/1000 = 1
      Model BSite B800800/1000 = 0.8
      Model BSite C700700/1000 = 0.7
      Model CSite A500500/500 = 1
      Model CSite B250250/500 = 0.5
      Model CSite C100100/500 = 0.2


      Really, there are two elements to this calculation:

      1. Create a formula that references a fixed dimension (Site A) and
      2. Segment the calculation to work within another dimension (model)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.