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    Tableau and PDF for reporting

    Kyle Schaefer

      I am struggling with how to tackle a reporting problem using Tableau.


      I have 5 entities that I need to create a report for. The report must be the same format for each (ie same columns). Only the entity changes, which drives a data change, which changes the number of rows. Due to this, each report will be a different number of pages. The report must have a standard header on each sheet with a standard legal disclosure attached to the last sheet and each page needs to be numbered. Ultimately, this will be a PDF and delivered via email.


      Is there a way to achieve this type of report? I need to select the entity in a dropdown and have the data update. Then, I would like to just hit a button, or print, and have the header, pages and disclosure in the appropriate place, and have a PDF generated. Everything I have seen involved custom js or backend scripts.


      Let me know if this question doesn't make sense. I'm pretty terrible with Tableau, so not sure I explained this correctly.

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          Corey Turner



          This is definitely doable in Tableau... the process may depend on what products you are using...


          In Desktop for example: you can build a dashboard that has your preferred look and set up your entity with a parameter or filter which will change the data. Then you could just click File -> print to PDF. (There are some export options)


          On Server there are a few ways to download PDFs, either using the toolbar to download a PDF or using url parameters.


          If you need to automate this and had tableau server, you could leverage tabcmd to export multiple PDFs.


          Does that help answer your question?

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            Corey Turner

            To add some more detail...


            manually creating PDFs doesn't require writing a script.


            if you needed to automate generating the reports then you would need to most likely write a script.

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              muhammad muhib

              @Kyle Schaefer

              you can automate pdf printing by using tabcmd and python .

              we are doing this for printing around 300 pdfs and with iterative filtering feature  the scrit generates all the pdfs in their respective folders .