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    Setting defaults in Tableau 2018.1

    Scott Schmeling

      Can anyone tell me if there is a way to set / change the defaults in 2018,1?  Items I would like to change.


      1. Default padding on both containers and sheets.

      2. Default fonts.



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          jack gervais

          Hello Scott,


          Although Tableau Desktop doesn't yet have a built-in template feature for things like fonts and container sizes, I did find a manual workaround that allow you to accomplish something similar:



          1. Create a new workbook with one worksheet and one dashboard. Name them Template Worksheet and Template Dashboard.
          2. If you always use the same datasource then connect to it, but if not just leave that blank.
          3. Set the formatting of the worksheet and dashboard to the style you want to use.
          4. Set the default size of the dashboard, background colors, font size and color, default titles, background images, and anything else that you normally have to do again and again.
          5. Save the workbook and name it Workbook_Template then close Tableau Desktop.
          6. Locate the workbook on your computer, Right-click it, and set the file to Read-Only. This will ensure that no changes get made to the actual template.
          7. To use the template, open Tableau Desktop, open the template, connect to a data source if needed, and create a new worksheet. Click Save and you will be prompted to save the workbook with a new name, preserving your template for future use.


          Hope that helps!