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    How to let user select only 2 of the 3 options of a "flag" field

    Andrew Lloyd

      I have a table of customers and their sales. Also in this table is a Flag column that is either "1" or null for each customer. When I drag the flag to the filter, I get 3 options: "1", "Null", and "All". The catch, is I am trying to give my users only 2 options: suppress the flagged customers ("null" only) or don't suppress the flagged customers ("1" and "null"). I don't want to give the users the option to view the flagged customers alone ("1" only).


      Ideally, the user sees a control titled "Suppress flagged customers?" and the options are Yes or No. If Yes is selected, the Flag filter is "null" (so all the non-flagged customers are shown). If No is selected, the Flag filter is "null" and "1" (so all customers are shown).


      I tried creating a parameter, but you can't pass 2 values at the same time to the filter. I also tried and IN/OUT set but that doesn't work either.