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    Sheet Swapping not working for stacked bar

    Yogesh Attad

      Good Morning :-) to all Lovely Tableau Geeks.


      I was kind a stuck in sheet swapping in my tableau dashboard. I took an example posted in this forum and try to replicate in my dashboard. I have 4 sheets that i need to show upon selecting parameter value.

      As in the swapping tableau example, i retained bar-chart, Map and Scatter plots and introduced one more stacked bar chart.

      Now the problem is, stacked bar chart is not collapsing and reserving space when i select other chart. I tried to apply all the property from bar, scatter plot but seems to be not working for scatter plot.

      I have attached the workbook with two dashboard. "Sheet Swap - Parameter" originally downloaded from tableau community and in "Dashboard 2" introduced stacked bar chart.


      Any help in troubleshooting would be really appreciated.


      In case if you not able to download, click here Tableau Public