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    "Sliding Price Parameter"

    Aaron Duncan

      Hey all this should be a pretty easy solution but i am having issues;


      I want to create [what i think should be a parameter] that will allow end users to enter whatever value they want ($1, $1.34, $100.58 etc) and then multiple a value in the database (# of people) by the $$$ amount which is not in the database.


      Is there a way to do this, data is confidential so i cannot share, however i can try and explain.


      User filters by job type > gives # of workers


      User enters variable field ($$$) in what i suspect to be a parameter


      Calculation shows [# of workers * $$$]

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Aaron,


          Yes you should use a parameter, first click on the dropdown and select create parameter:




          Set the type as float and display format as currency custom with 2 decimal places with the currency symbol, then click ok.



          Next thing to do is LINK this parameter to the dataset. To do this, create a calculated field. Click on the drop down from the very first step and create the below calculated field:




          So in my example, I am multiplying sum of sales by the multiplier amount in the parameter.


          Next thing is to USE this calculated field, so I'm going to put it on my rows:






          When you change the value in the parameter it will update the chart.


          I've attached a workbook so that you can take a look.





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