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    3 measures onto one graph

    Divyay Gupta

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am trying to replicate this graph in Tableau. It has three measures (Bar, Circle, and Benchmark) and one dimension. I tries to use Benchmark (Overall in this case) as Reference Line but could not implement circles and bars. Does anyone know how to do this?


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          Mavis Liu

          HI Divyay,


          Is this what you're looking for?




          You can create a dual axis chart and then add in reference lines. Attached a workbook so that you can replicate, but here are also the steps:


          1) Create your first bar chart and then add in your second measure by dragging it into the shelf right next to the existing measure:




          2) Right click on the second pill and select dual axis:




          3) Right click on one of the axis and synchronise them:




          4) You should then have 3 marks card, one for all, and one for each of the measures. For the measure marks card, change one of the marks type to be bar and the other circle:




          5) Finally drag your final measure into details on the ALL marks card and then go to the analytics tab and add in the reference line:









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            Divyay Gupta

            Hi Mavis,


            It really helped! Thanks so much for sharing it.