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    Using order date

    srinadh ch

      Hi everyone. I am new to the Tableau


      I have some doubt  Using order date(sample super store).
      I need to  print like this, could you please help me on this issue.




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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Srinadh,


          Please could you provide more detail of what is going along the bottom and what measures represents the size of the bars?


          I've made the below:




          So on the columns shelf I have dragged in order date, once in the shelf I changed it to a discrete quarter date:




          Then I dragged in sales into the rows, then Order date into colour and text on the marks card (this will default to a discrete year field which is fine):




          Changes the marks type to a bar:




          and that should be it! I've attached the workbook so that you can take a look.





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            srinadh ch

            Hi Mavis,


            Thanks for reply


            Actually i want sales information in every year with previous year total also using(moving total). i need staked bar in each year like that

            i got the soulation.:)




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              Mavis Liu

              Hi Srinadh,


              No problem! I took a bit of a guess at which measure you wanted to use but I wasn't too far off with sales at least! But yes, on the measure you can right click and add in the running total table calculation.


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