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    Dynamic days calculation with LOD

    Andreas Kampianakis

      Hello world.!
      I was wondering whether it is possible to calculate the days between two dates that exist in a filter using an LOD calculation.!
      For example:


      so when I open or close the bar, the number changes accordingly. However I was wondering whether that is possible with LOD calculations.
      I've tried numerous stuff with fixed or include, but it doesn't have the dynamic aspect of window_max command, the number remains the same despite the change in bar, in the case of LOD calc.
      Is there anyone that has solved such an issue?
      Thank you!





      P.S: Unfortunately I can upload no workbook now (data confidentiality, yeah..Like there's anything like that nowadays..) , but I think the problem is quite understandable from the printscreen and can be reproduced in Superstore.