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    Table Calculation & Market Shares

    Darshan Dey



      In the current scenario, when i click the CP in (3.Top manufacturer) it is giving me the brands for the respective manufacturer but the numbers are getting changed in brand section.


      Ideally, when I select CP then Brands trend should show only the relative brands and the sum of the different Brand should match to the Manufacturer share.


      For Example: Correct Numbers for reference

      CP - 43.7%

      Irish Spring - 0.18%

      Lime Fresh - 0.00%

      Palmolive - 2.82%

      Protex - 39.18%

      Tender Care - 1.25%


      Numbers which im getting in the current scenario,

      Irish Spring - 0.5%

      Lime Fresh - 0.5%

      Palmolive - 6.50%

      Protex - 91.17%

      Tender Care - 2.88%



      Please let me know your thoughts regarding the same.