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    Color range based on selected measure

    Skaiste Papuskaite

      Hello Tableau users,


      I need some help to make my reports look more informative

      I would like to color my graph, but color range should change based on measure selected.


      I created example with three daily measures - Sales, Orders, Avg. order. I chose colors - from red to green. Please find files attached.

      Now for example, Avg. order is green if it is more than 15,33:

      And sales are green when it is more than 3250:


      Is there a way to set different "Center" for coloring for each measure? For example I would like that Sales would be green when it's more than 2000 and Avg. order green >10.

      I believe there is some kind of workaround that I don't know yet

      Any help will be appreciated!