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    How to implement Search with Paginated and Filtered Data

    gaurav tilara

      Hi Community,




      We have a scenario where we have a list of 100 agents and we need to view only 10 at a time. For that, we have implemented pagination and we are successfully able to see 10 records.
      But now we want to provide the search functionality on the list of agents so that if an agent is on page 10, I am able to search it from page 1 itself and vice-a-versa.


      When we try to implement Search on already paginated data, it is not able to search and shows no value.


      NOTE: Using parameters / drop down / multi select list is out of context and do not want to use it

      It has been achieved using Slider Read out and Slider Arrows. P.S : Slider line is hidden.


      For ex :


      Suppose we have list of 10 Agents :

      • A1
      • A2
      • A3
      • ...
      • A10


      And we have a grid displaying data for all the agents and displaying it 5 at a time using pagination . Hence, total 2 pages


      Page 1 : Showing A1 - A5Page 2 : Showing A6 - A10


      Now, suppose, we are on Page 1 and we search agent A4, we are successfully able to view that agent.

      Now, suppose, we are on Page 2 and we search agent A4. This time, the problem arises and nothing is displayed but a blank screen. Also, the Readout and Arrows become disabled and are not automatically refreshed.

      I has also been noticed that in order to make it work, manual trigger is needed.


      Can someone please help us on this and provide a solution/workaround for the same ?


      Thank You in Advance.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Guarav,


          Do you have a packaged workbook with sharable data that can be shared to show how the search was implemented? 


          If your data is sensitive, can you mock up the pagination and search functions with sample data?


          Thank you



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            gaurav tilara

            Hi Friends,


            We had raised a case with tableau support regarding this issue .


            we have got the following reply from them that pagination is not native to tableau and what we had achieved is the closest that we can get . and W.R.T the slider not refreshing to page one this is what the engineering team had to say.

            update from our Engineering team that the navigation button behavior on the slider filter is expected behavior due to the results of the action filter on the table calculation. In other words, the navigation button gets disabled because Tableau Desktop is told there are no other values to navigate to, but the slider bar will allow going back to page 1.


            As an alternative, using the Single Value Drop Down list option is cosmetically similar and allows the user to navigate back to page 1 from page 2.


            Hence marking this post as answered tableau should provide for a native component for pagination.