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    Rolling weeks based on months selected in Parameter.

    abdul malik

      Hi Team,


      We have a dashboard showing monthly and weekly trends with sheet swapping.


      The monthly sheet has a parameter for 1,3,6,12 months rolling average(which calculates on monthly basis)


      -Now my requirements as follows ,when i select Week sheet from the parameter ,

      I want to have a rolling week trends as per the Rolling average for months parameter.

      -i.e if i select 3 months from Parameter it would display 12 weeks rolling average, same on 6 months and 12 months.


      I created 3 calculated fields for 12, 24 ,48 (based on month*4 week) weeks rolling average ,actually this is not correct.

      Because if i select 12 months from rolling average parameter- the actual rolling weeks would be 52 or 53 weeks in this case my calculation for 48 weeks rolling average is wrong.


      - So please guide me to achieve the result based on the calendar date if i select 3 months as per the calendar it would display rolling weeks for 3 months,same for  6 months and 12 months