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    How to identify worksheet action came from

    Rene Raillon

      Dear all,


      I have built a dashboard that essentially contains two charts. The make-up of the chart is fairly similar (same layout/same categories) but they represent two separate metrics (Sales and Gross Profit respectively). Given that the categories are the same, I wish to click on either chart and guide the user to only one new worksheet that contains the underlying details. On that worksheet I would like to swap out the metric used but other than that I want to build the same logic such as the top 10 drivers.


      The question is how/if I can identify which worksheet (on the dashboard) the user clicked on to initiate the action (i.e. jump to the additional sheet). If I knew that the user came from the sales or the gross profit worksheet, I could simply swap out the calculated field and the rest would work the exact same way. Given the viz I built, I cannot simply add e.g. the "metric" field to either worksheet and filter down to "sales" or "GP" which I could pass on. The only idea I have at this point, is to duplicate the data set and give each half either a 0 or a 1 which I could carry over. That would slow down my dashboard though so what are the alternatives? Is there any option to add any content (like a text or ID) to an action that I can simply read on the other side?


      Thank you,



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          Hello Rene,


          Unless I am misunderstanding the desired result the action could be performed by setting both worksheet actions for worksheet A and B to navigate to worksheet C and perform said action.


          Is that what is trying to be accomplished?



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Rene Raillon

            Hi Patrick,


            Sorry for the late reply. I had thought I had set up notifications but didn't get an email.


            Yes, what you are describing is the desired behavior. I will try and see if that works. I was under the impression that you have one field (or "all fields" depending on how you set it up) that contains the filter selection from the worksheet. I didn't know that two worksheets can essentially "share" that output field or maybe I am misinterpreting what you are saying. In essence, the first chart should alter that shared field to say e.g. "= Net Sales" whereas the second chart should influence the field by saying "= Gross Profit".


            I have come up with two different solutions for now. One that worked with the data model as I had it before changes and now one where I effectively have two worksheets C and D that are set up the same way just with different measures. In the first instance, I noticed that "Net Sales" (as an entry of the "KPI" field) only really impacted figures of the first chart whereas "Gross Profit", "Sales Quantity" and "Costs" had an impact on on the second chart. I grouped accordingly and added that group in worksheet C as a detail to the marks card. That would allow me to read the group titles I had given and proceed from there.


            The cleaner setup as of now is to simply generate two target worksheets. At the same time, I would be happier to only have one to deal with.