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    Profit Margin Calculation

    Sam Wladyka

      Hello All,


      I'm trying to accurately portray the Actual Profit Margin for specific divisions. I've made a calculated field for it, but it makes it a SUM Value for all the records for that division when brought into a table. Then the average Profit Margin only takes the value of the Profit Margin for each record and calculates the average. How would I set up this Table Calculation to accurately portray the Revenue and Expenses from each division? It doesn't seem to all me to pick fields that are in the current table?

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          Brian Cronin

          I can't say for certain without a workbook, but usually when Margin or %s are showing an issue like this its because you didn't aggregate it in your calculated field.  So rather than Having your Calculated field read [Field 1]/[Field 2] have it read sum([Field 1])/sum([Field 2)


          Hope this helps