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    Hiding rows in a table?




      Please advise how to hide the last [Project Category] row in this table (entire red area). Note that I only need hide it, as just filter it out will modify related charts,etc.

      I tried to use LAST() function but no luck.


      table - hide last row.png

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          Brian Cronin

          Try this:


          You can just right click that category and select "hide" or if you need it to be a little more dynamic than your data above shows you can try something like the below:



          Create a calc field called Hide/Show

          if Product Category = 'Z-Total Capacity' then "hide" else "Show"


          Then drag that field out in front of Project Category on your rows shelf.  right click the field on the chart and select Hide. Then remove Header.


          That should accomplish what you're looking to do

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            Thank you Brian! Works perfectly! Marked as answered.


            One more question please, is it possible to also hide this value from the filter as well? I cannot create a set as this will affect the calculations:

            hide filter.png