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    Count of How often


      Using Tableau 10.5.2. This is a general question. I have a bunch of repeating values and am trying to get an average of how often the values repeat in a row(down the column). I do this calculation in excel and the columns marked excel is how I calculate it. I count the total amounts of Y and divide the total amount of entries by the count of Y.


      DateStringexcel calculation
      01/01/01Oranges n
      01/01/02Oranges n
      01/01/02Oranges n
      01/01/03Oranges n
      01/01/03Apple n
      01/01/03Apple n
      01/01/03Apple n
      01/01/03Grapes n
      01/01/03Grapes n
      01/01/03Orange y

      There are a total number of 17 entries. 4 different types(doesn't matter). And so I count how often each string repeats. 8 different fruit changes. 17/8=2.125

      The biggest issue I have is I don't care about the count or distinct amounts, I just want to know how often it repeats down the column.

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          Deepak Rai


          I hope You are after This. and From your Data, I changed GRAPE to GRAPES so you are looking at 3 Strings not 4.

          Pl Check Screenshot and attached



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            Not the question I was asking. I am looking for how often a string repeats.

            Again the question is how do I get tableau to count the total number of string changes going down the column.


            Think of a warehouse and if I get orders for apples I don't have to move anything around and I can keep packing apples. If I get an order for a different fruit I have to move things around. I am interested in how often I have to move things around.