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    Is it possible to add shapes to null values in a text table? (10.2)

    Amer Ganady

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I'm working on a text table that has a shape/ color mark based on whether an employee was working that day or was off.  I'm having an issue adding a mark on dates where there are no values for the employee.




      In this example, I'd like to assign 'Off'  ( blue X)  to John from April 3 to April 9 and OFF to Jessica from April 4 to April 5.   Everything else should be 'Working'  (green X)


      This is what I started with:

      IF ( ATTR([Name]) =  'John' AND MIN([Date]) >= #04/03/2018#) then 'OFF'  else 'WORKING' end



      Thank you!