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    Displaying names in tooltip


      I am struggling to display Name (from Name field which is Dimensions) in tooltip. I would like to show list of names reflected Burn Status and other list of name for Overburn Status. At the moment getting asterisk and i found this solution: Asterisks Display in Tooltips | Tableau Software but i am not use bar chart but only small table with text.


      Thanks in advanced.

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          suman kumar



          you have not given dimension then how it will show you tooltip.

          there is only one row and that is aggregate of all.

          There are more than 5 or 6 value in your name. How it will come on tooltips.



          Just go through my workbook and see.






          Please mark helpful if it works for you

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            Hi Suman,


            I need to have only one row with count of number for given status. I can not split for all Names.

            Do you have a idea how to show all name which regarding to Burn Status hover over 4 value and all name for Overburn Status hover over 6 value?

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              Joe Oppelt

              You have to have NAME on the sheet.  You just have to.  Otherwise Tableau has no access to those names here.


              See attached.


              Step by step:  Sheet 1(2) puts the names on the sheet.  I'm just using Number of records here.  The LODs you have won't help you for this.

              Sheet 3 uses a table calc to count up the number of names for each status.  (See [total for Status] calc.)  It's a table calc.  Right click on the pill on the sheet and select Edit Table Calc.  It looks like this:



              Notice that I have selected "Specific Dimensions" and I told it to "Restart Every" STATUS.  (this is equivalent to TABLE(DOWN) on this sheet, but if I move dimensions around it won't change the table directions because I specifically told it what dimensional order to walk through the table.)


              I also added a calc called [index] and put that on the sheet.  I also set it with the same table calc settings and you can see that we get 1-through-10 for each status on the sheet.


              On Sheet (4) I moved [index] to filters and said to display only index=1.  Alex is the name on index=1, so we still see him, but he'll be gone soon.


              On Sheet 5 I did right click on the Name pill and unchecked "Show Header"  Now we have the numbers you want, and Alex doesn't show.  (He's still on the sheet, but that column is hidden.  Actually all the names are still in the table, but the index filter just displays the first row of the table.)


              Next in line is Sheet2.  This is a copy if Sheet 1(3), but for testing purposes I added the calc that we really need.  Look at [name String].  This calc uses the PREVIOUS_VALUE function, which takes whatever is in the previous row for this calc and uses it.


              If index = 1, then just grab the first name (if there is a [Number of Records] value here.)  If it is any other index, grab PREVIOUS_VALUE and add to it the name in the current row (plus a comma to separate the names.)


              There are still details to be worked out here.  You can see that extraneous commas are getting added.  We really should only add the comma if there is a [Number of Records] value here.  But I figure you can clean that up.


              So you can see that this calc is building a string as we go down the list.  Even though you're getting space overflow ###### in the later rows, the tooltip is showing the full string. (Which is what you really need anyway.)


              Go to Sheet 1(6).  Here I just have the Total for Sales number displayed.  I made another table calc to grab the biggest value of [Name String] so that we get just that last value.  It gets displayed in the tooltip.