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    Joining Two points in the Same Cell

    David Holderness

      I'm trying to make a Viz to demonsrate how the value of several of our items has changed over time.



      Where the blue dot is the value in 2010, and the green in 2016.

      Each Pane contains one item that is broken down into the areas we operate in.


      I would like to be able to connect the dots across the cell,(blue to green on the same horizontal line).


      Changing chart type to line simply connects all the same colour dots across the pane which i do not want and making a dual axis with a thin bar chart behind doesn't work when the value has decreased. (I make the bar going up to 2016 black, the one up to 2010 white (to hide the black below the point, where the value decreases the white masks it all)


      The end result would like something like this



      Many Thanks