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    Two line charts and two area charts in one sheet

    Aakash Bhattacharya

      Dear Friends,


      Chart 1 is an R chart where we see the error interval in the red area and the mean of the control group in blue and test group in yellow.




      Chart 2 is a tableau chart where I am able to create the shaded area and one of the means, from control group or test group.

      The first part of the below chart actually has three component already, 2 area charts and one line chart in dual axis.

      The second part of the chart is another line chart which also I wish to bring in the first part, however the secondary axes is the one with the line chart and does not allow multiple facts.

      The primary axes will allow but it will create an area chart which is not what I want.




      Please find attached the .twbx file.


      Many thanks for your help in advance.





      I actually found the answer myself...phew....... 1. Created two area charts and hid the colour below with white to give the effect of the band. 2. Created another line chart and instead used a dimension with two Colors to show the control group and test group mean separately (Initially I was trying to calculate these lines separately using two calculated columns and hence resulted in having 4 charts which tableau do not support it seems, seems so easy now..:-p)