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    Daily sales table - how do I show this year sales and last year sales in the same row?


      Hi guys,


      My first post here!


      I've been working a bit with time logic functions in Tableau though I do not quite have the hang of it yet. I'm currently stuck on creating a daily sales dashboard comparing performance this year vs. performance the same day/date last year. The attached picture shows the layout of the table. The highlighted column is the one which I'm not able to populate with last year figures. I've used a lookup() however that does not work when filtering to a specific month. Any ideas on how I can get June 1st '18 next to June 1st '17 and so on in the same table rows - while at the same time retaining the general layout and filters?


      I also need to have rows for all of the days in a given month even before there have been any sales registered... That way it will be easy to do Month to go vs. LY analysis etc.


      daily sales.JPG