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    MSAS Data Source - Convert week number to mmm dd format

    Karan Garg

      I have been doing research for a while now but cannot figure out the steps to convert following time information into a date format. Essentially, I am not able to create a calculated member for this need. Need some help with the MDX expression


      Time is a dimension and it is in the following format in the source. 



      Year      Month     Week

      2018     1               1

      2018     1               2



      Jan Wk 1 ; Jan Wk 2


      I can try other option as well but need some help on the steps


      1 Create calculated member using [Year]+[Month]+[Week] something like this 201811, 201812 etc. Need help with the MDX expression since time is stored in dimension

      2 Join an excel mapping with MSAS cube. Tableau didnt gave me option to create a join when connected to MSAS cube.


      Any other recommendations to solve this problem are welcome !!


      PS: New to Tableau ; My first post in the community. Looking forward to hear from the experts...