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    Aggregating Measures seems to round / reduce the number I should be getting in a SUM

    Tiago-Mateus Korynek

      I have a simple Microsoft Access Database that I am connecting to in order to create a crosstab to show me the Total Sum of Severity Index for each ATA.


      The issues I seem to be facing is that the field SUM(Severity Index) seems to be giving me an incorrect value in the visualisation, even though the data seems to be there in the background.

      When I uncheck the aggregate measures  in Analysis>Aggregate Measures, it shows the correct values that correspond to the rows in my raw database / spreadsheet.


      How come these values do not add up to what is shown when Aggregate Measures is ticked? It seems as though there is some sort of rounding going on... The Count function works correctly though.


      Here is an example of my issues focusing on ATA 26-18:


      When Aggregate Measures is Ticked:


      When Aggregate Measures is Unticked:


      2.7+2.6+2.55+1.9+1.9+1.3+0.8 = 13.75 and not 9....


      This is the raw data from the Microsoft Access Database which can be exported into Excel which I use for checking and all the data is there:


      Any ideas on how I have set this up badly?


      I am working on an Excel spreadsheet to send through, but as it is a confidential database, it will take a little while. I am also using Tableau 10.5