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    var vs previous year

    Emmanouil Paterakis

      Hi all,


      I have a problem calculating the variance vs previous year. I have a quick table calculation which calculates the % of total.

      When I am trying to calculate the variance vs previous I am getting incorrect numbers. My first calculation is table down and the variance I

      am trying to get I am using table across.

      Screenshot (21).pngScreenshot (22).png


      For example for month January I would like to get a 0% but instead I got 1.6


      The formula I use for variance is that.

      ((ZN(([SoM Brands])) - LOOKUP(ZN(([SoM Brands])), -1)))*100




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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Emmanouil,


          Are you trying to get the variance between your % of totals?


          Please make your first first table calculation and add it into the data pane. Then create the second table calculation and also do the same thing.


          I have attached an example where I have created a calculations:


          % of Total:

          SUM([Sales]) / TOTAL(SUM([Sales]))


          and also

          % Variance Change


          (ZN([% of Total]) -



          LOOKUP(ZN( [% of Total]), -1))


          My second table calculation references the first one. So now when I bring it into the view and select edit table calc, it gives me the option to control the nested table calc:




          So now I'm able to tell tableau I want the % of Total to be calculated table down, and I want the % Variance Change to be calculated by table across.


          I end up getting this view:




          I've attached a workbook for more information.