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    Staging Table?

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      I'm fairly new to Tableau but I'm trying to track the status of customers over a given time period.  Please see below for an example.  Daily the table appends the status of all customers.   Each day the customer status would be appended to the table. So if there were 4 customers across 30 days, I would have a total of 120 entries within the table.  For simplicity's sake, I created the table below.  There would be many more status of the same customer across multiple days:



      Customer NameDateStatus
      Customer A5/1/2018Active
      Customer B5/1/2018Active
      Customer C5/1/2018Active
      Customer D5/10/2018Active
      Customer A5/31/2018Active
      Customer B5/31/2018Lost
      Customer C5/31/2018Active
      Customer D5/31/2018Active


      In the example above, I want to track the status on 5/31 of Customers that were active on 5/1.  The population I care about would be Customers A, B, and C.  I wouldn't care about the Customer D as they were added to the table on 5/10.  On 5/31 the status would be 2 out of the initial 3 customers would be active because Customer B was lost.  I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this in tableau.  My work around solution was creating a list of active customers on 5/1, exporting it as an excel file and using this as a new data source for the list of active customers on 5/1.  I was wondering if there is a more efficient way to isolate all the active customers as of 5/1 so I can compare the status on 5/31. 


      I really appreciate the help!