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    How to annotate field headings?

    Andy UK


      I want to annotate some field headings in a table/graph so that when people click/hover over the title they see a longer description.


      How can I do that?



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          Pauline Le Corvec

          Hello Andy UK,


          I hope I understood your question correctly and that the below workaround will be helpful.


          The only workaround I found is to replace your header/title with an actual sheet and add a tooltip to it. Attached is an example workbook.


          Steps detailed here:

          • Create a new Sheet, then create a new Calculated Field (for example type: "Customer Analysis" in the formula)
            • Drag the calculated field to Text.
            • From the Text marks, right-click the calculated field and choose Format and edit the text as you see fit (in my example I made it bigger and changed the color)
          • In the same worksheet, click the Tooltip mark and add the longer description. Format as desired.
          • Create a new dashboard or navigate to your existing dashboard
            • Drag and drop the newly created sheet above and adjust how it fits with the rest of your dashboard.



          Thanks for reading, have a great day!