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    Access Tableau Reader 10.4

    Paula Lin

      Is it possible to get access to Tableau Reader 10.4 for Mac?


      Our reports are built on Tableau Desktop 10.4 and it was recently discovered that one of our custom calculations is behaving strangely and the data becomes incorrect when the report is viewed in Tableau 10.5 (both in Desktop 10.5 and in Reader 10.5).

      However, when the report is opened with Tableau Desktop 10.4 and Tableau Reader 10.4, the calculation and data is correct.

      Currently, we do not have plans to upgrade to Tableau 10.5, so it would be ideal if our stakeholders could view reports using Tableau 10.4.


      We are currently investigating the strange behavior of this calculation, but in the meantime, is it possible to get Tableau Reader 10.4?


      We would like to distribute Tableau Reader 10.4 to our stakeholders so they can view the report correctly.

      I saw this previous thread regarding getting access to Tableau Reader 10.3: Need Tableau Reader 10.3


      Thank you for your help!