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    Talk to me about Authors

    Glauber Ribeiro

      What is this new Tableau role of Author? What are the implications?


      For example, in Tableau Server 10.5, the site_role table has:


      IDNameLicensing Rank
      1Support User300
      9Basic User500
      0Site Administator1000
      11Site Administrator Author1100


      So, being an Author is a little better than just being a Publisher, and you can even be a Site Administrator who is also an Author (which makes you a little better than the other kind).


      User-based licenses now have 3 levels: Viewer, Explorer and Creator. I think the Explorer level correlates roughly with the Interactor role. I have a feeling that "Creator" is a someone who has access to Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep, and also can publish to Tableau Server or Tableau Public. Is this, then, what an "author" is? The person who has access to  server and workstation tools?


      Let the speculations fly wildly.