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    User Activity Cohort Analysis - Active Months

    Adam Oldenkamp

      Hello, I'm new here so I'm trying to pick up on the protocol for asking questions. I've been trying to build a dashboard that illustrates user activity by cohort. I want to know what percentage of our users from X start month are still using our product X months out. Below is a dashboard snip taken off this site: Cohort Analysis with Tableau | Waterloo Data

      It's almost exactly what I'd like my output to look like.


      The article is aimed at customer subscriptions, but my focus is on user activity, in my mind these were similar enough to follow along with the article. Thus far I've successfully created the first graph in the walk through, which is the very bottom and right graph in this dashboard, but I'm hitting a major conceptual roadblock when I go to create an 'Active Months' column. How do I create this dimension? I'm worried this question is a little open ended, so let me know if I can clarify anything.