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    Calculating a Percent based on Table Results and not on the underlying data

    Zane Kratzer

      Hello, I'm really hoping someone can help with this question as I've been struggling with this for a while.  So basically to make a long story short, I have some data columns that are a bit apples and oranges so I have a number of manipulations going on underneath the surface to get the numbers to display in a table as needed.  However, when I try to calculate my Yield rate column (which is just Matrics divided by Offers), as you can see, I'm getting the percentages based on the underlying data and all I really want is to tell Tableau to calculate the percentages based on what is actually visible in my table.  So the first row should be 100% (12/12), the second row should be 8/18 (44.4%) and so on.  I've played around with various window functions but I just can't seem to get it right.  Any suggestions?