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    Switch between Dashboard Map Views and keep Hawaii and Alaska

    CEE Visualizations

      Hi all,


      I'm looking to use either a parameter filter or switching between dashboard views (or some other approach!) to display a map with two different measures (a rate and a total). The map is formatted to move Alaska and Hawaii closer to the contiguous states (using this method: Showing Hawaii and Alaska Near Continental US | Tableau Software) )


      My first approach was to use a parameter as filter to switch between showing the rate and the total, but I want each view to have specific color formatting and couldn't figure out how to make the formatting different when displaying the rate or total with this approach.


      I then tried to switch dynamically between views of each on a dashboard (using this approach: https://www.thedataschool.co.uk/hashu-shenkar/tableau-tip-switch-between-views-dynamically-on-a-dashboard/ ) so that I could format each view specifically. However with this approach I couldn't get Alaska and Hawaii to stay on the dashboard since these are floating.


      Is their either (1) a way to do specific formatting for each display using a parameter as a filter (2) a way to make AK and HI remain on the display when switching between dashboard views or (3) some other approach I haven't thought of to do what I need?


      A simple example (using fake data) of what I've tried is attached.