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    Speed Up Tableau Online Live Connection Cache Expiration

    Marcus Streeter

      Is there anyway to hasten the Tableau Online cache expiration for data from live connections?  I have people up at night loading worksheets with live information from a database that gets refreshed later in the night, yet the next morning the old information is still cached and shows the wrong information.  These are sales numbers so absolutely nothing from the previous day should be cached, forcing at least the first viewer to manually refresh the page.  I'm already aware of the URL work around to refresh when loading the page but I can't ensure users will always click a specific shortcut nor expect other publishers to only share modified URLs.


      A 1 hour TTL would be ideal, but I could settle for up to 6 hours.  Is there anyway to ensure fresh data is pulled from live data sources sooner than the potential 12 hours I'm seeing now?