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    Async Operation Failed Error

    Kate Brown

      Hello - does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this error? I've cleared the log files in the repository and rebooted my computer.






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          Isaac Kunen

          Hi Kate,


          Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. A few questions:

          • Are you seeing this every time -- even after rebooting the computer?
          • Where are you pulling data from?
          • Is this showing up only when you run the flow, or as you build it as well?




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            Kate Brown

            Thanks Isaac -

            It isn't with every flow. The data is a combination of a .csv and an oracle query. The error only shows when I run the flow.

            I opened a support case and one potential solution was to move my TEMP folder. Because it is a work laptop I'm not sure that I should or can do that.

            It sounds like it could be a memory issue when I am joining an aggregate back to a data set.

            I found another way around it outside of prep and if I get this again with another flow I will open a case and send the log files.

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              Doug Carter

              Hi Kate!


              I just emailed you the fix for this, but here is the workaround I sent in case other people have the same question:


              1. on the last step of the Prep before the Output step, right click the step and Preview in Tableau Desktop

              2. Once desktop opens the file either extract the file or export it as a .csv (under Data > [FLOW NAME] > Extract or Export

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                Kate Brown

                thanks Doug - does this only work with 2018?