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    Tableau prep

    Hanane Ouhammouch

      Hi folks ,

      I have questions about Tableau PREP.

      1. I try to create a flow based on a mysql connection.

          But it take a lot of time and even sometimes it bugs without showing any result , i do some search  and i think the problem is mostly hardware  than software

          can some one please give me the requirement to instal thi tool and use it without problem:

          what i have now is : RAM 16  Go

                                          Core i 7

                                          14,7  Go free storage space

      2. Can  some one give me the number of lines which can impact the performance of the tool ?

      3. I tried to create a join: between a customer  table and a contact table but only choosing the minimum ( id contact)  associate with each customer? is this join possible



      Thank you for your help