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    Tabjolt abnormal Response Time Test

    te k


      I have question I try to use Tabjolt for  (load test  in id  = 3 4 8 ) Run with  Configuration vizql 3 and  (load test  in id  = 9 10 11 ) Run with  Configuration vizql 6   so I found abnormal of result in this

      1. Tableau Server have Response Time Slow more than before tuning vizql  We think it should be fast Response Time right ?

      2. in same vizql  (load test  in id  = 3 4 8 )    avg Response time each time have unstable  and total  Sample have 't same in each  time

      Run id =  3 Response time = 8446.28

      Run id =  8 Response time = 5.917.63

      why this same concurrent but avg Response time is not same

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          Hello Te,


          If I understand correctly the question is why are there differences being returned in subsequent tests on the Tableau Server.  It seems that there are unexpected results for the test series between 3 vizql processes and 6 vizql processes.


          A quick look at the results. Test Run ID : 11 looks like it might not have completed properly as the test only ran for 56 seconds and no the full 60. This might skewing some of the numbers that are being seen.


          Hope this helps!


          Byrne, Patrick