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    REST API: Recently published datasource missing

    Julien Divernois



      I started to dig into the REST API a few weeks ago, I found many examples on the forums and I'm now able to refresh my published datasources (extracts) programmatically.


      However, I'm facing a problem that remains unanswered. When I publish a "test" datasource and then try to query datasources, I don't see the "test" datasource I just published. I get all previously existing datasources, only the one recently published is missing from the "/api/api-version/sites/site-id/datasources" response. Same problem if I re-publish an existing datasource.


      On the other hand, I'm able to use the recently published datasource in Tableau Desktop/Server, and I can see it in the PostgreSQL Workgroup database as well.


      Is there any API cache delay ? Any setting I should update on the server ?


      Thanks !