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    using multiple connections and joining

    Scott Strool

      I have not been able to find out how/if the current version of Prep can join from a database server (Redshift) to Microsoft Excel sheets.

      I can create a new flow with two connections but cannot add sheets to the workspace after I have previously added Redshift tables.


      Current limitation or misunderstanding the workflow?



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          Isaac Kunen

          Hi Scott,


          You should absolutely be able to do this...


          Can you walk us through what you're trying to do step-by-step? Are you able to add both the Excel sheets and Redshift tables individually, just not in combination?


          I did just try a join between Excel and Redshift here, and it works for me. That doesn't rule out the possibility of a bug though, but I don't quite understand where int he workflow you're having a problem.




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