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    Reshaping survey data




      I'm new to Tableau and I am currently working on my first visualization report. I am currently using EasyMorph to format the survey data and merge the data values and the labels. I have a few questions:

      • Do you recommend reshaping single select questions? What I meant is that in EasyMorph, I have to select the fields that I want to unpivot. If I 'unpivoted' a single-select question, I will only have precodes in the data source. If I left them 'pivoted', I will have the labels as well but now it presents another problem which is my next question.
      • How do you refer to a 'pivoted' single-select question within a calculated field? Let's say "Question ID" and "Values" contains all the 'pivoted' questions and their codes respectively and Q4 is a 'pivoted' single-select question that is a 10-point scale, How do I create a calculated field that would have a value of 1 if Q4 is 7 or more?