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    Tableau SDK to develope Custom tailor made Viz and functionalities.

    gaurav tilara

      Hello Friend.


      Does Tableau provide an SDK to create Custom Visualizations or functionalities which we can tweak around to suit our needs?




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          Jonathan Drummey

          By “custom visualizations” I’m presuming that you mean chart types that are beyond the basic set of mark types and what Tableau enables through Show Me. Typically in Tableau we build most of those through a combination of data preparation and using existing mark types, for example using polygon marks for Sankey charts.


          In addition Tableau provides several APIs:


          - extract API for creating Tableau data extracts (a highly compressed, columnar storage format)

          - REST API for interacting with Tableau Server/Online to add/remove users, workbooks, etc.

          - JavaScript API for interactions between external code and views published to Tableau Server/Online.

          - Extensions API (for release in 2018.2) is an evolution of the JS API enabling a deeper integration, extensions will also run within Tableau Desktop.


          I’ve seen examples of using the JavaScript API in conjunction with D3-generated force-directed network diagrams, I’m anticipating that users will be able to do something similar with the Extensions API, personally I haven’t seen any examples yet.