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    Undefined Binding error occured when I am refreshing a Zero MB Datasource with Now() Filter

    gaurav tilara

      Hello All,


      We are using Tableau Server Version: 10.3.3 (10300.17.0915.2101) 64-bit Windows.

      Tableau desktop :- 10.3.3 (10300.17.0915.2101)

      Oracle 11G.


      Last Friday we created a zero MB extract using NOW() in a calculated field and using that field to create an extract filter.

      Here we excluded the date i.e. 25-May-2018 so that when the date rolled to 26th the extract will bring in data.

      The extract ran successfully on tableau desktop and when i published it on server it also ran successfully. So i scheduled it to refresh on the Saturday.

      This morning when we came in we saw that the extract refresh has failed and it is showing and error saying . com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.DataSourceException: undefined binding

      Please find attached the screenshot for the same.


      Can some one please help us in resolving this issue.


      What we were trying to achieve here is for the very first time a data source is loaded on to a client premise it has to be empty i.e it shouldn't contain any data and the first refresh has to happen on the client premise.


      Thanks in advance.




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          Ciaran Bource

          Hi Gaurav,


          For this kind of issue, sometimes recreating the extract solves it.


          However if it does not, I suggest opening a case with our support team as they will most likely need to go through the logs.


          Support & Services | Tableau Software



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            John Hobby



            Is the goal to load an empty extract and then have the server 'build / load' the extract during a scheduled refresh?  It could be that the 'bin' calculation doesn't have any data to build itself.  I haven't used bin's in our extract yet, but you could try a different empty extract method and see if it'll bypass the error - if not, I agree with Ciaran that you might need to open a ticket.


            This is how we build all our empty extracts.  On our dev environment, we build the data source based on a test company with a tiny amount of records.


            Here's how we do it:


            Create a parameter (like below)


            Create a calculated field on that parameter


            Right click on the data source > edit data source filters > add > select the calculated field (BEE_FIN in my case)

            Select the 'True' value and check the 'Exclude' box in the bottom right.



            Click ok to apply it.  Now your data source will load an empty extract when the parameter is set to 'YES' or 'True'.

            Right click on the data source > extract data.  This should build an empty extract.


            Important:  Change the parameter to 'No' or 'False' before publishing


            After generating the empty extract, change the parameter to 'No' and then publish the data source.  Refresh the data source on the server.  The server will then do all the heavy lifting of loading the extract.