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    Split by Line Break - Pivot Result

    Crispin Velez



      I currently have a set that looks something like this:


      Order RequestsDateOwnerExtra
      ptv-1902881/04/2018Gomez AngelNo
      ptv-198298\nptv-812981\nptv-627163/05/2018Damien PerezYes
      ptv-123324\nptv-345678\nptv-2893883\nptv-277368215/06/2018Camilo GonzNo


      In excel the order requests column has line breaks so when I import it into Data Prep it adds the "\n". Iam trying to split the fields so I ca later transform into the table below.


      And I need to transform it into this:



      Order RequestDateOwnerExtra
      ptv-1902881/04/2018Gomez AngelNo
      ptv-1982983/05/2018Damien PerezYes
      ptv-812983/05/2018Damien PerezYes
      ptv-627163/05/2018Damien PerezYes
      ptv-1233245/06/2018Camilo GonzNo
      ptv-3456785/06/2018Camilo GonzNo
      ptv-28938835/06/2018Camilo GonzNo
      ptv-277368215/06/2018Camilo GonzNo


      To get this table I am thinking of using Pivot since after splitting I will have a column for each Request order and I need a row for each Order request. Any advice or guidance is welcome!!