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    Creating an empty extract and publishing on Server to create the full Extract

    sonam jha



      I followed the method mentioned in the link "http://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2013/9/easy-empty-local-extracts-25152"

      to  Create an empty extract and the publishing it on the server after flipping the parameter, However after the refresh when I try to connect to the existing dashboard to refresh with new data layer, one of my calculation which is based on parameter(Which start with C)  is failing due to its updating to the extract parameter(" parameter(as it replacing with Create an empty extract in my calculation and fails my calculations) .


      when I try to change the same parameter in my calculation ,I do parameter is not recognized in calculation ,However I see its listed out in parameter section .

      I did duplicate my parameter and use the duplicated one with the same name after removing old one and it worked. However I have existing dashboard which use this parameter ,How can i replicate this as its hard to edit all the existing dashboard.


      Please help !!


      Thanks in advance,