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    Selection of sheet based on button selection

    Ginni Gujral

      Hi People


      I would like the sheet selected should be based on the button selection.

      As seen in below image if I select Active Cms the sheet below should give active cms by region split on channel.

      Next if i select active rate button only the active rate sheet should get displayed and active cms sheet should go away.


      The problem I am facing is when i select active cms and without deselecting this button i also select 2nd button "M1 Active Cms" both of these sheets are displayed but what I actually want is that the active cms sheet should go away if the other button is selected. SO only one sheet should be displayed at one time.



      Please help me get the solution to this problem.

      Packaged workbook attached for the same (version 10.1) New



      Ginni Gujral

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Ginni,


          In this case, you cannot avoid multiple selection with current approach.

          Single selection restriction can be done thru parameter though.


          Showing all select-able items, and allow button, I put slider parameters like attached.

          Format-wise , it's not elegant at all, but just as a concept.


          There are other approach to duplicate all the data x 6, but that's not reasonable to increase the data volume only for this purpose??





          Same filter setting for all sheets.




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            Mavis Liu

            Hi Ginni,


            Can my attached workbook work for you?





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              Mavis Liu

              Hi Ginni,


              To create my view, I added 4 fields into the first view by using min(1) as placeholders in the column shelf. Now I have 4 marks card (all squares) to use, so for each marks card I added in a bit of text for the label.


              Then I have some fields called 'filter 1', 'filter2' etc.


              For each of these marks card, I have assigned a filter. e.g. for the first mark I have added in filter 1 as the level of detail:



              The second marks card has filter 2 and so on.


              Then I go and make the views and charts that I need to pop up.


              Whichever view you want View 1 to make pop up, add the filter 1 field into the level of detail. In my example, I want my view 1 bar chart to pop up. So in the bar chart I have added the filter to the level of detail:




              For the second view, add in the filter 2 etc. Essentially we want each button to match up with the sheet.


              When you have all the views ready, add them all to the dashboard. Having them in the same layout container is best.


              Next is to add in the action filters, you ultimately want to make a filter action per button, in my example I have 4 action filters for my 4 buttons:




              They all run on a select action and exclude all values when clearing the selection:




              So for my filter 1, I want my buttons sheet to affect view 1 and it should run on filter 1 as the selected fields.


              For filter 2, I want my sheet 1 to affect view 2 which runs on filter 2:




              Let me know if this works for you, thanks,



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                Ginni Gujral

                Thanks Shin, Thanks for taking out time to help me resolve the problem.

                Actually I only want to show these 6 KPIs as buttons and not parameter list slider.

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                  Ginni Gujral

                  Thankyou so much Mavis, this is what I exactly wanted. Thanks so much for your help.

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                    Amol Thite

                    Hi Mavis,

                    Your post is very useful and it is helping me as well for the button based sheet swap. I have one question - Do we need to keep all of the views on top of each other so that clicking button will enable one of them , I am facing challenge to keep the views in a container , functionality works however my views are not swapping completely as other view formatting is slightly visible , this is all about placing them right way in the container , could you please help on it ? Thank you

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                      Mavis Liu

                      Hi Amol,


                      To get this 'pop up' view working the way you want, you need them all to be in the same container and to have the worksheets fit the entire view. Doing it this way means when when you've made a selection, it will fill the entire container (apart from a small slither of whether the other items are).


                      If you have a sample workbook, I'm happy to look into the way your layout containers are structured to fix any issues?





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                        Amol Thite

                        Thanks Mavis for the reply.

                        I have attached sample workbook , I am trying to have lower container show the report corresponding the buttons on the top one at a time can be clicked. somehow I am not able to place them in one container. Also I am trying to match the background color of the button with its report background for easy interpretation however the sky blue color shows up when we click on any button , do you know if this default functionality can be changed for the clickable button/area ?


                        Thank You !

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                          Mavis Liu

                          Hi Amol,


                          So it looks like the bottom images are all in the same container. However there are a few things which needs to be done for it to all work:

                          1) Each of the bottom worksheets should not have a fixed height. The fix height option should be unticked. This will be checked on if you had tried to resize the height of the worksheets at some point.




                          2) In order to hide the worksheets, an item must be placed on the rows or columns in this case. In your workbook, the field col1 should be placed on the rows shelf and have show header unticked. This will allow for this worksheet to 'hide' when it has not been selected.



                          3)I If you want the whole worksheet to fully hide, then please also hide the worksheet's titles:




                          Lastly, if the worksheet itself is being used as a button, then this will highlight in blue. If you don't want the whole sheet being highlighted, then could you possibly use something instead like a barchart on the marks card. To do this:

                          1) Change the marks type to bar

                          2) Then type in the number 1 in columns. Clicking enter should default it to sum (1).

                          3) Then update the axis so that this is fixed to end at 1.

                          4) Right click on sum(1) in the columns shelf and untick 'Show Header'.

                          5) Change the colour of the bar by clicking on colour in the marks card and make it match the worksheet background colour.

                          6) Update the alignment of the text to be centered, to do this, click on label in the marks card






                          I've reattached the workbook with the changes I've made. I've done the bar chart type for button 1 so please have a look at that. Hopefully that now functions like you want it to.





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                            Amol Thite

                            Hi Mavis,

                            Thank you so much for the detailed step , it helped me a lot to work on this workbook and also using bar graph for the button is really impressive idea which I could use it. I could work on the workbook however when I click on the button , corresponding report shows up and get the entire space but before I click on other button I need to click on the first button in order for the report associated with second button to take the entire report space. I may be missing some steps for which I need your help. Workbook is attached.

                            Appreciate if you can help on making the button work so that default one report is available and when we click on any other button the report should change and occupy the entire space allocated for the report. thank you so much!


                            Best Regards


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                              Mavis Liu

                              Hi Amol,


                              So the original question for this thread asks exactly what you're looking for too. Ginni's issue had been whenever a button was clicked, you'd have to unclick it and then click on another button.


                              If you look at my original answer, the first part teaches you how to create buttons which means you do not have to deselect it each time. The key here is making one worksheet with multiple buttons.


                              Please take a look at my original answer and give that a go.


                              As a note, I've also taken a quick look at your latest workbook, it looks like the action filters have changed since the last workbook. So I would advise reviewing these actions and making sure they're correct.





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                                Ginni Gujral

                                Hi Mavis

                                Do you have idea around how we can highlight the button selected or atleast do some formatting to make the button selected standout from the rest others.

                                Currently just the black thin borders are showing up for the button selected.

                                Thanks !

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                                  Mavis Liu

                                  Hi Ginni,


                                  Unfortunately I don't know of a way of highlighting these buttons other than the standard black border.


                                  There may be some ways but it I imagine it would be quite convoluted...





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                                    krishna kodey

                                    Hi Ginni Gujral & Mavis Liu,


                                    The solution looks awesome. However i have a extended  requirement.


                                    How do i get a two level of buttons so based on first level i get second set of buttons and based on that selection i choose the sheet. tableauimage.JPG


                                    Based on my second selection the sheet should be displayed. Using the above dashboards i was able to achieve till here.Could you help me in proceeding from here.


                                    Your help is very much appreciated.




                                    Krishna Kodey